Design & Manufacture YABUTA Filter Presses For Japanese Sake & Other Industrial Fields.

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Creating a variety of products with advanced technologies


In the history of YABUTA, we have studied filtration technology in the many fields and fostered possibilities of filtration systems.
In the beginning, filtration of Japanese Sake mash was worked by man power and all our approaches were the first trials in this field.
Now those approaches rooted as our basic technologies of developing new systems. Based on those various technical know-hows, we developed original products such as sterilizer system, vacuum distilling system, saccharifying system, solid cultivation system and waste water treatment plant, so on.
Recently we also provide new systems which make high efficient production possible in the field of fine-chemical, electronics and other industrials.

Filter Press
Filter Press equipped compressed air system Details of Yabuta Filter Press


Yabuta Filter Press is a horizontal style equipped compressed air system originally developed by YABUTA. This system consists of a superior dehydrating function and simple mechanism.
4,000 and more systems have been well received in various field.

Yabuta Sake Automatic Filter Press Details of Yabuta Sake Automatic Filter Press


Yabuta Sake Automatic Filter Press not only makes filtration process shorten from over 48 hours of former vertical press to 24 hours, but also highly contributes quality improvement of Sake and labor reduce include Sake cake treatment.

Type B (new model) PP plate
Yabuta Automatic
Filter Cloths
Washing System
Yabuta Automatic Filter Cake Scraping System
Yabuta Filter Cake Hopper Scale / Metal fragment detector

Yabuta Filter Press Model
66 & 100


Type 66 and 100 models are the simple machine capable of use in a broad range of fields

Details of Yabuta Filter Press Model 66 & 100

Yabuta Full Automatic Filter Press Type Ⅱ


The type Ⅱ filter press is a fully automatic system equipped with an automatic cake removal function and filter cloth washing function, eliminates the manual labor and energy consumption.

Details of Yabuta Full Automatic Filter Press Type Ⅱ

High Feeding Pressure
Filtration Press

高粘度用 高圧ろ過機

This system is a High Feeding Pressure Filtration Press to be able to filtrate high viscosity slurry. The plate structure is the type of plates and frames, can exchange filter easily.
Jacket type plate is available for high temperature filtration.

Details of High Feeding Pressure Filtration Press

Compact Filter Press for Research


Filtration test, sample creation, ideal compact model compressed air system filter press for actual model selection.

Details of Compact Filter Press for Research

Vacuum Distilling
(Concentrating) System


This Vacuum Distilling System, compared with the former Non-Vacuum Distillation Systems produces an extremely soft tasting and pleasant smelling distilled alcohol.

Details of Vacuum Distilling (Concentrating) System

Compact Distillation Unit


This is a miniature distilling unit which is the most suitable for the distillation (concentration) examination, the sample manufacture of Shochu and Brandy, and the display at a restaurant as well.

Details of Compact Distillation Unit

Liquefy, Saccharifying & Amazake Production System


Starch saccharifying technique with malt, koji and/or enzyme in the fermentation process and so on is well received in many manufacturing fields such as Japanese Sake, Shochu, Amazake, Vinegar, Sauce and Confectionery. YABUTA has various experiences of saccharifying, liquefying & saccharifying, Yodan fermentation tank. Our basic technologies of material input, agitation and temperature control in Amazake production receive high evaluation.

Details of Liquefy, Sacchrifying & Amazake Production System

Rice Liquefying System


In the type of Liquefying fermentation of Japanese Sake & Shochu, non-crashed but hole rice is available in this system. YABUTA has special technologies of temperature control, agitator and recipe.

Details of Rice Liquefying System

Non-air Circulation Koji Manufacturing System


Yabuta Non-air Circulation Koji Manufacturing System consists of culture dish trays surrounded by an upper and lower flat tank which utilize warm water for temperature control.
The absence of circulating air prevents oxidation and allows the Koji homogeneous & high quality.

Details of Non-air Circulation Koji Manufacturing System

Fresh Sake Ultra-filtration System


In case of fresh sake distribution at room temperature, enzyme/protein removal is necessary.
The medicine and semiconductor fields also practice this removal of microorganism and application of enzyme without heat sterilization.

Details of Fresh Sake Ultra-filtration System

Japanese Sake Sterilizer System


Japanese Sake sterilize system uses hot water by highly precise steam control valve and plate type heat exchanger. For brewery ageing use or for bottling process use can be selected.
Rapid temperature reduction system is also available.

Details of Japanese Sake Sterilizer System

Ginjo Rice Steamer


Simply piping steam and water to the steamer, rice is steamed evenly and satisfactory.
This steamer fits for highly polished Ginjo rice and small amount of rice. Keeps the best sales performance.

Details of Ginjo Rice Steamer

Automatic Yeast Mash Cultivation System


This system is composed of stainless tanks include dimple shaped jacket & spiral agitator, chilling water tank, hot water tank, and control panel.

Details of Automatic yeast mash cultivation system

Fermentation Tank


This Fermentation tank adopts pitched paddle agitators and dimple shaped jacket.

Details of Fermentation tank

Craft Beer Plant


Craft beer is popular with it’s unique and original taste. Special wort filter is adopted to this new plant to realize reasonable building costs.

Details of Craft Beer Plant

Rice Steamer & Cooking Equipment. ( Horiken )


Details of Rice Steamer & Cooking Equipment (Horiken)

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