Design & Manufacture YABUTA Filter Presses For Japanese Sake & Other Industrial Fields.

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Yabuta Sake Automatic Filter Press

Yabuta Sake Automatic Filter Press


Yabuta Sake Automatic Filter Press not only makes filtration process shorten from over 48 hours of former vertical press to 24 hours, but also highly contributes quality improvement of Sake and labor reduce include Sake cake treatment.

Special Features

The long lasting filter plate and diaphragm are capable for use over a prolonged duration of time.

Standard Model Specifications

Polished Rice
Model Filtration Area
Filtration Capacity
Electric Power
750 100/40 96.32 0.832 4800 1220 2740 5340 5.2-5.9
1000 100/50 120.40 1.040 4800 1220 2740 5640 5.2-5.9
1500 130/70 168.56 1.456 5500 1220 2740 6380 5.2-5.9
2000 130/100 240.80 2.080 5500 1220 2740 7280 5.2-5.9
2200 150/110 264.88 2.288 6000 1220 2740 7680 5.2-5.9
2500 150/130 313.04 2.704 6000 1220 2740 8280 5.2-5.9
3000 170/150 361.20 3.120 6500 1220 2740 8980 5.2-5.9
4000 200/200 481.60 4.160 7300 1220 2740 9680 5.2-5.9
5000 250/250 602.00 5.200 8650 1240 2820 11740 5.2-5.9

Type B (new model) PP plate1


In addition to the Stainless steel and Aluminium plate, Type B (new model) PP plate is now available for Yabuta Sake Automatic Filter Press.

Special Features
PP plate is fit for Type B (new model) Yabuta Sake Automatic Filter Press.
The plate is ultra light because the material is PP (Poly Propylene).
It is good in chemical-resisting and characteristics.
Plate size is 1,022mm X 1,357mm.Thickness is 29mm for Filter Plate and 34mm for Squeezing Plate.
PP plate is also fit for an existing Yabuta Sake Automatic Filter Press.
Aluminium plate PP plate
250 chambers 200 chambers
220 chambers 176 chambers
200 chambers 160 chambers
170 chambers 136 chambers
150 chambers 120 chambers
100 chambers 80 chambers

Yabuta Automatic Filter Cloths Washing System


A frequent and precise filter cloth washing is required for many kinds of production.
The filter cloth washing is very important for the sanitary control of the filter press especially in resting period. The automatic filter cloths washing system allows to remove the dregs of previous products from the filter cloth and to prevent the shift of the smell to the current product.

Special features
Filter cloths are washed by more than 3 Mpa high pressure water from the right angled direction.
The appropriate washing number of times for the condition of filter cloths can be selected.
The amount of use of water during plate shifting is saved by circulating.
Warmed water instead is available.
A required installation area is small.

Yabuta Automatic Filter Cake Scraping System


This system adopts two types of filters which have different cake discharging performance.
By this way of operation, Sake cake sticks only squeezing plate and is removed by scrapers.

Special features
The cake scraping function is precise and reliable.
Fully automatic filter cake scraping.
Depending upon the filter cake conditions, scraping speed can be adjusted.
The simple structure is ideal for easy maintenance.
The area sensor is extremely safe for the operator.
Plenty of other safety features are also included.
The touch panel type control panel is easy to operate.
Human interface is extremely friendly.

Standard Model Specifications

Scraping Ability 70min/cycle (200 chamber type)
Electric Power 200V. 4Kw
Air Pressure 0.5~0.9MPa Dry Air
Dimensions Width 2700mm Length 1200mm Height 750mm (above the press)
Weight 1.5 metric tons

Yabuta Filter Cake Hopper Scale / Metal fragment detector


The Hopper Scale simplify the Sake cake process such as breaking, weighing, and packaging.
Additionally by using the metal detector together, products can be prevented from mixing the foreign objects.

Special features
The Hopper Scale speedily automates the manufacturing process of breaking automatically weighing, and packaging the filter cake.
Until now the filter cake was weighed manually. Yabuta Filter Cake Hopper Scale allows for the speedy and precise manufacturing process of weighing and packing the cake.
As the results, the reduction of the manufacturing cost and improvement of the efficiency can be allowed.
The metal fragment detector allows for the safety enhancement by the function of detection a metal in the filter cake packed.


Model MHW-20 Type
Packing Weight 5kg – 30kg
Hopper Capacity 60 liters
Processing Time approx. 20 sec
Electric Power AC 220 V
Air Pressure 0.5 MPa
Motor 0.75 kw with 1/15 gear head
Included Parts 1 Air Cylinder 50φx70L
2 Air Cylinder 30φx20L
1 Foot Switch
1 Non-Arcing Switch


Model DMS93-600Type
Detection Type Iron & Non-Iron common use
Detection Width 600mm
Detection Height TBD (Maximum 350mm)
Detection Sensitivity TBD (Fe, SUS)
Belt Speed TBD (10 - 30m/min)
Alarm Lamp, Buzzer, and Belt Stop
Electric Power AC 100V, 200V, 50Hz, 60Hz
Electric Power in Overseas AC 220V, 380V, 50Hz
  • A metal fragment can be detected in various application.
  • With 5 phase channels.
  • Each channel is adjustable with 10 steps sensitivity.
  • Remote Controlled Operation (Wired).

Yabuta White Clean


Yabuta White Clean is Liquid Washing Agent contains Silicate and Surface Active Agent.
With warm water solving, Yabuta White Clean acts high decomposition performance to protein pollutions.

  • Filter cloths, Sake filter bag washing.
  • Cloths for Koji production cleaning.
  • Tanks, Hoses, Heat exchanger pipe, Stainless pipe.
  • Appearances : Transparent liquid.
  • pH: 11.0~12.0 (0.5%) alkalinity.
Main ingredient
  • Silicate.
  • Higher alcoholic ionic surface active agent.
  • Chelating agent.
Special features
Yabuta White Clean is Liquid Washing Agent acts excellent performances to fats and protein pollutions by synergy of Silicate and Surface Active Agent.
Yabuta White Clean acts higher washing effects with less damage to the cloths.
Yabuta White Clean does not deteriorate tank materials.
Yabuta White Clean remain almost no bubble and easy to rinse.

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